Statue Of Sofia

The iconic Statue of Sofia in the heart of the city represents wisdom and knowledge, serving as a timeless symbol of enlightenment.

Welcome to the iconic Statue of Sofia, a symbol of the city’s transformation and resilience. Standing proudly in the heart of Sofia, this statue holds a significant place in the history and identity of the capital.

The Statue of Sofia, once a Soviet monument, now represents a new era of independence and progress. Erected during the communist regime, the statue depicted a female figure symbolizing the socialist spirit. However, with the fall of communism and the embrace of democracy, the statue underwent a transformation to reflect the changing times.

In 2000, the original Soviet-era monument was removed, and a new statue was unveiled, signifying the city’s shift towards a more inclusive and forward-looking perspective. The new statue portrays Sofia as a graceful woman adorned with a crown of stars, holding a wreath and a dove. This transformation symbolizes Sofia’s aspirations for peace, unity, and a brighter future.

Today, the Statue of Sofia stands as a powerful reminder of the city’s journey and its embrace of freedom. It serves as a meeting point and a popular landmark for locals and visitors alike. Its strategic location offers panoramic views of the cityscape, providing a perfect spot to capture memorable photographs or simply enjoy the surrounding beauty.

As you approach the Statue of Sofia, take a moment to appreciate its intricate details and the symbolism it carries. Reflect on the city’s history and the resilience of its people, who have shaped Sofia into the vibrant and dynamic capital it is today.

Surrounding the statue, you’ll find a lively atmosphere with cafes, restaurants, and shops, offering a perfect blend of modernity and tradition. Whether you choose to sit and people-watch, engage in a conversation with locals, or simply admire the statue’s grandeur, this iconic site invites you to experience the spirit of Sofia.

Visit the Statue of Sofia and let its symbolism inspire you. Feel the connection between the city and its people, and embrace the progressive spirit that defines Sofia’s present and future.


Palace of Justice is located in the center of Sofia, just a few meter from Serdika Metro Station. And a 8 minute walk from BlaBla Hostel.





Nearby places

Serdika ??? Sveta Nedelya Church (XX m)
Vitosha Boulevard (XX m)


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Nearby places

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