When it comes to taxis in Sofia, we want to ensure that you have the best and most cost-effective transportation experience.

While taxis are a convenient option, we recommend exercising caution when hailing one directly from the street.

It’s important to note that taxis picked up from the street in Sofia often have higher fares compared to using reputable taxi companies like Yellow Taxi or Taxi Me. These official taxi services adhere to regulated pricing and provide transparent fare calculations, giving you peace of mind during your journey.

To avoid any potential issues, such as overcharging or non-metered fares, we highly recommend using Yellow Taxi or Taxi Me instead. By downloading their apps or calling their numbers, you can book a reliable taxi and ensure that you are charged a fair and accurate fare.

For English speakers, we particularly recommend Yellow Taxi, as their phone operators are fluent in English and can assist you with any inquiries or instructions you may have. You can reach Yellow Taxi at +359 2 9 11 19. Although the taxi driver may not speak English fluently, you can rely on the excellent English-speaking operators to communicate your destination and any specific instructions you may have.

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