Largo Square Ruins

Largo Square in Sofia proudly showcases mesmerizing ruins from the Roman Empire, offering a glimpse into the ancient past of this vibrant city.

Welcome to Largo Square, a captivating historical site located in the heart of Sofia. This unique square holds a fascinating story and offers a glimpse into the city’s rich past.

Largo Square is situated in the very center of Sofia and is known for its impressive ruins that were unearthed during the construction of the Serdika II metro station in 2012. As you explore this remarkable square, you’ll discover that there’s more than meets the eye.

Beneath the square lies an underground archaeological complex, accessible to visitors, where even more objects and ruins have been preserved. Descend into this hidden world and embark on a journey through time. Marvel at the well-preserved remnants of ancient streets, walls, and buildings, which provide a unique perspective on the city’s history.

The archaeological complex beneath Largo Square offers a rare opportunity to walk through the ancient streets of Serdica, Sofia’s predecessor. As you navigate the underground passages, you’ll encounter various artifacts, including Roman amphorae, statues, and even parts of the old fortress walls. These discoveries shed light on the daily life and cultural heritage of the ancient inhabitants of Serdica.

In addition to the underground complex, Largo Square itself features fascinating ruins that have been integrated into the modern cityscape. Admire the remnants of Roman buildings, such as columns and mosaics, that have been carefully preserved and incorporated into the square’s design. These ancient structures serve as a reminder of the rich history that lies beneath the surface of Sofia.

Largo Square is not only a place of archaeological significance but also a vibrant public space where locals and visitors gather. The square’s lively atmosphere, with its cafes, shops, and cultural events, provides the perfect backdrop for immersing yourself in the city’s history and contemporary life.

As you explore Largo Square and its underground complex, you’ll be transported back in time, uncovering the layers of Sofia’s past. This unique juxtaposition of ancient ruins and modern cityscape creates a truly captivating experience, inviting you to appreciate the rich tapestry of Sofia’s history.

Whether you’re an archaeology enthusiast, a history buff, or simply curious about the stories of the past, a visit to Largo Square is a must. Delve into the underground complex, witness the remnants of ancient Serdica, and gain a deeper understanding of Sofia’s captivating heritage.


Palace of Justice is located in the center of Sofia, just a few meter from Serdika Metro Station. And a 5 minute walk from BlaBla Hostel.





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Nearby places

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