Hostel Information


Check-in starts at 14.00 EEST and ends at 22.00 EEST. If you wish to extend you need to do so before 11.00, outherwise check-out is at 12.00 You can also book a late check-out for 15 BGN that allows you to use the room until 14.00


We are pleased to offer parking on the street for our guests. Please note that parking is only allowed in the blue zone. Parking regulations are enforced from Monday to Saturday, from 08.30 to 20.30. During these hours, parking is limited to a maximum of two hours at the time. After 20.30, parking is free until 08.30 the following day.

To pay for parking, you can send an  SMS with your license plate number to the number 1302. The cost of the parking is 2 BGN per hour, and you can pay for a maximum of two hours at a time. After the two hours have passed, you will need to send a new SMS. Please be aware that exceeding the two-hour limit may result in a parking ticket.

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